On Boethiah's Summoning Day 2

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Date de publication : 02/11/2012
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205 Stendarr's Star
1st Passing

To my friend Tal Marog Ker,

Tis' been near fifty years since last we had chance enough to speak, when I lent the battlemage Dagon's protonymic and my isle was for a short time freed from it's prison. Liberation lasted long enough for me to gaze once more upon Direnni, and see the fall of Tharn, the same span it took for Dagon to reappropriate. I would have warned you earlier had I not been snatched away. I would have relaid it immediately but my mind comes and goes. Have you seen my son? Perhaps I was better off in the void. The void. It wasn't void while I was there...

Your notes on the journal I gave you last we met are terribly poor. Perhaps the journal was poor. I may be able to make clarifications next we meet.

I write to you at the outset of crisis. Old habits die hard [even for a Leaper Demon] but Caecilly is no longer safe from the tempest of Alduin; we were before, hidden away in the skyvaults of the deadlands in the back of the Dagon's mind - a pocket of stasis in a void of chaos, a new Aldmeris waiting to bloom. Numidius would have had his own, Camoran did but did it wrong.

You realize by my writing that Dagon's banishment by the Akatosh-Incaro set Caecilly free once more, though for how long I cannot say - if the Thalmor who came to study it's chapel are correct perhaps forever. But now we're here and the world-eater will find us, soon even, for we're in the north. I've felt since birth that should I ever meet a dragon it would be my solemn duty to slay it.

Chimere Graegyn
Isle of Caecilly
High Rock

20 Sun's Dusk, 4E 13
Skingrad Library

To Chimere Graegyn,

We scarce can convey the thrill which enveloped us upon returning from lecture to find a vellum stamped with the seal of the old Direnni dynasty lying upon our desk. The orthodox communicate so little with Cyrodiil as of late that we hoped to hear word on these new Altmeri heralds, yet to then note the mark of Chimere! We dare say were our staff not near we may have fallen, which would have dearly upset our aide.

Why have the Inquirers not reported on Caecilly's return? We might have suspected your recurrence were it not for the other matters which now press upon us so daily; it is odd that those who examined the chapel failed to report it. It is both blessing and omen that we receive your letter today. As it happens the University Chair desires that we travel to the Scathing Bay to collect whispers from ancestral spirits. The land is teeming with them as if the gates of Necrom itself burst forth under impact of the moon; Thras no doubt finds it to be the best market they've had since the plague and without the Temple there are none left to enforce the proper rites, but enough of that, your letter would have been enough for him to escape the eastern expedition and make for the west.

What is this talk of Dagon and Camoran? That is behind us. No Mythic Dawn cells remain in Cyrodiil, even if we have yet to expel them from Tamriel as a whole.

No rumors have trickled our way from the north regarding Alduin, were there any we would have been the first to know. Are you well old man? We feel I must see you at once. There are much more pressing matters to concern ourselves with than mannish superstition, should you be up to the task of lending us your foresight.


Addendum: We are unfamiliar with your system of reckoning.

Edited by Idhdean of Vindasel, 11 Sun's Dusk 4E17 - 00:00 AM.

232 Stendarr's Star
1st Passing

To Tal Marog Ker,

I am well, or as well as I can be. I'm told for eight years I was a madman but the healers sent from Northpoint were adequate, even if their magicks less refined. Few hallucinations creep in. Forgive my dating. It is of my own design; time in the void doesn't match our own, and I've yet to shrug it off.

Why should the Inquirers care for the return of an Isle with one insane citizen? Those of my clan which have set foot on Caecilly have given me no word on the politics of Summerset, or if they have I wouldn't know, I was far down the golden road at the time.

Am I so early as that? Are the Nords at peace? Events which I barely know I saw in my last moments in Oblivion. I witnessed the Dagonites fall, not from Nirn, but from my place in the back of Dagon's mind. The coming wars occupied the Dagon's thoughts as a plague, though whether in favor or against I cannot say. Rumors and whispers travel like lightning when there is only one divine decree to wade through.

But you write oddly. Are you well my friend? What of Cyrodiil at this juncture? Last time there was one Empire, held strong against it's myriad of cousins within the void. It reclaimed Caecilly, for now at least - the crystal chapel has stopped pulsing, and this is contested ground against the daedra. The Velothi spoke too soon in calling them their ancestors. Or were the Velothi here to soon? With their triadic gods one could never say. Anticipations indeed, but one never anticipates your ensuing immanence to usurp you before its time.

I hope to see you soon, my hand grows pained in writing. Rest assured, the jaws of Oblivion were only the first molars of Alduin's.

Chimere Graegyn
Isle of Caecilly
High Rock

20 Evening Star, 4E 14
Stros M'kai

Greetings again,

Storms set our ship to harbor at Stros M'kai, but we are progressing. We were expecting you off the coast of Northmoor, it seems my journey will be extended. Even our crews become nervous while making the stretch around the southern tip of High Rock, fear of unregistered soul snares. Seeing the airships of Thras on the horizon amidst barely perceptible gnarls of coral makes the bloods of men frost, yet we will deal with that in time; Syrabane's blessing will be upon us, and he will defeat the sload and their god of worms once again.

Men will never be at peace, not until Aldmeris has been re-instituted, and then they will indeed be at peace. Tell us friend, what visions do you hold within that mind of yours, what secrets hidden from the Ysmir Collective and the ambassadors of Alinor? What keeps your mind swiveling around Alduin as it does?

The daedra have their reality, monotonous though it may be; we have seen what has come of Boethiah's followers.

It will be necessary to contact my associates should your suspicions hold warrant.


Edited by Idhdean of Vindasel, 11 Sun's Dusk 4E17 - 00:01 AM.

250 Stendarr's Star
1st Passing

Tal Marog Ker,

To think the daedric realities monotonous, the University pampers you too much. Untold ages I've stood and read the skies of Oblivion, seen it shift and change with the moods of the Prince, or more often with the tides of war between the Markynaz and the Xivilai, or the Mazken, or whoever they were vying for power with at a given time. The daedra make up for in war and debauchery what they lack in romance. The divines may romance. Man and mer may romance. The daedra may not, for romance requisites division. The ehlnofey knew this, thus they became sundered.

Yet Mehrunes Dagon is always Dagon, whether he be Lehkelogah or Djehkeleho or someone new. Tamriel will see him as the same; he is one. Yet the scholars read too much into the uniformity of the divines, who are many, and more intricate than Labyrinthian. A man may have conflicting desires, but must choose between them, thus his finitude. Stand on the mythic scale of raw possibility and all such inhibitions are lost, it is only a matter of prominence. The Alessians inaugurated the prominence of Akatosh. The Marukhati tried to exclusify it. Hjalti reinstated it. The Empire upheld it. The Dagonites ended it. The dragon of Cyrodiil is bound in stone, and in time, the dragon of the North will no longer be.

I have seen more than my fractured mind can hold, visions without end. I have seen Skyrim cracked asunder in war, the Talos Cult more persecuted than ever, the bones of dead gods raised by their lord. OBSD Talos01.jpgTalos holds back the divines of the next world, and Alduin, who is their inaugurator. This is why he became a divine of this one - divine yet unanticipated, thus his uniqueness. He upholds the dividing lines of the cosmos. Defends romance lest we lose it the pit of singularity.

The Princes of this world will follow the lead of the Princes of the last - they will step up and become kings, with Peryite as their chief. This much should be obvious, every Prince Anticipates their future immanence. I can feel the pains of childbirth in the heavens and I rail against it.

I am an old man. I was an old man before. I don't think I'll ever be anything but an old man. It is for our progeny that I write. My son is somewhere.

Chimere Graegyn
Isle of Caecilly
High Rock

13 Morning Star, 4E 14
High Rock

To Chimere Graegyn,

Your time in Oblivion makes things plain which will be of great use to us.

It is best that you be brought before the Council, you will return with me upon my arrival. We have kept the dispersal of arcane knowledge - especially that regarding the mythic principalities and patterns - under the tightest seals, and your knowledge cannot be lost. As the last inklings of the Guild fall we may turn our endeavors to other organizations which may pose a threat, the Dark Brotherhood and the Blades, and then with your foresight, to the north.

The politics of Oblivion are not our priority, especially now with the harsh barriers in place; it is the politics of Nirn and her starry heart which are our concern. We know much, and now that you are here I beg you consider my words. The new Dominion will seek to absorb one with a heritage such as yours, with such knowledge as yours. Though a number of the Bretonish Direnni are resisting us, Balfiera's Castellan most prominently, they will not last and we will claim Adamantine.

The dragons of Cyrodiil and Skyrim are not the only ones to account for, I would remind you again of the faithful who came to visit your isle and the rebirth in prominence of the Dominion. With your aid we will instigated policies against the Talos Cult, and if the Council deems it so the Ysmir Collective and the Orders of Hjalti will fall in turn; the lords of Alcaire can only maintain themselves for so long.

Do not forget your heritage Direnni.

Until we meet,

PoliceOB|Edited by Idhdean of Vindasel, 11 Sun's Dusk 4E17 - 00:02 AM.

240 Stendarr's Star
2nd Passing

I will do no such thing you masked fiend; one does not cast his lot with those who will be the authors of his doom. My bones may be old but a Direnni retainer I remain, my allegiance with the Castellan.

The teachings of my childhood escape my thoughts, my mind has betrayed me. The Direnni I've found were not the ones I left, I consider myself true, perhaps the last - that is a lie, I am a heretic, but my staff is lit, against you and your ilk. Dagon preoccupies himself with images of dragons, yet Auriel adorns himself with shield and bow; his concerns are less draconic and thus weigh less on those vested in the world [save Talos who defends it]. But I am vested in the world, under OBSD Hjalti01.jpg
Hans and Wulfharth stand over Cuhlecain
; twas only when I felt Dagon's dread that I realized his true import, and potential.

Have any of my words been outside the bounds of the golden road? I cannot say, I only speak to what I see in hopes that I may equip the hosts for the coming days, against you. Stop your charade False Artificer, under the invocation of Crystal-Like-Law I command it.

Chimere Graegyn
Isle of Caecilly
High Rock

1 Sun's Dawn, 4E 14
Northpoint Castle
High Rock

You invoke Crystal-Like-Law, turn your mind south; it has fallen, its magicks fade. Why do you think we pursue Adamantine so?

You are naive in thinking romance to be the intention of the ancestors. Indeed, it is Boredom that is the root of all this vile life, such can be traced to the very foundations. Anu was bored because he was alone; therefore Padomay was born. Still they were bored, thus they split themselves into many. Lorkhan was bored; therefore he plotted the creation of Nirn. Since that moment, boredom entered as the world and grew in proportion to its peoples; the population of Tamriel increased and the nations were bored en masse. To amuse themselves, they hit upon the notion of building towers so high that they could mold the world itself. This notion is just as boring as the towers were high and is an exacting demonstration of how boredom gained the high ground. Then they warred, and were dispersed throughout the Mundus, spreading their boredom as they went, and it continued. The epitome of this endeavor found the most boring of all peoples trying to blaspheme their way out of the boredom; generations have asked where they went. It is said that they wished to become one, and yet somehow the scholars still wonder why there is one left - what else could be to blame save boredom?

Even now the mannish peoples run about mustering militias in the wake of their fallen empire, reviving derelict forts throughout the countryside and claiming themselves barons or counts, deluding themselves with the idea that reviving Sancre Tor and invoking the name of Alessia will aid their cause. The priests of your homeland think that rekindling the cults of Trinimac, Denstagmer or Eleidon will bring them some blessing against the coming flood, pitifully boring indeed. And what is the culmination and consequence of this boredom, that an old man should foretell the future and bring about an end to it all.

You hold the keys to the prison Direnni, your blood demands that you relinquish them.

Soon I shall be arriving on your isle. There is much to be done that we may clear up these matters in a tidy manner.

Lord of Vindasel, Xarxes Warden
Mediator of the Third Council