Disastrix Zansora's journal

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Original media : TES Online - Blackwood

By Disastrix Zansora

I have already sent word to the exalted high priest. The steward and three of the councilors are dead. Only Councilor Itinia eludes us, as the councilor is not currently in the province of Blackwood.

I have also sent the documents we uncovered from the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. With that information, the high priest should have no trouble determining the hidden location of the first of the Four Ambitions. More over, I have ordered the attack on Leyawiin Castle. Soon the documents kept by the other councilors will be ours. Then the locations of all the Ambitions will be revealed.

Now I must step out and deal with pests that have entered the ruins. I think we've been followed from the sanctuary. I look forward to showing them the true power that the faithful of the Prince of Disaster can bring to bear when necessary.