Note to King Jorunn

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Original media : TES Online

By Ivannar

My Dear Friend and King, Jorunn,

The room is ready, as you requested. In case there is trouble, you and the ambassadors will be safe inside. I must explain the workings of the door, however. A special key is required to open it. There's a reason it's my safe room, after all.

A key hidden within the manor permits access to the room. The text below—a passage from our favorite childhood story, The King's Stand—provides all the clues you need to find the key.

You should understand the meaning of the text. Now don't laugh at my precautions! You're the one who demanded security and secrecy for your war council, my old friend.

— Jarl Ivannar

"And as the great king stood tall, his dark raven upon his shoulder, he raised the war horn to his lips and blew. The sound echoed throughout the valley. His troops cheered and let loose a rally cry. He watched them surge forward, but it was the last sight he ever saw. He dropped to his knees, a dagger jutting from his back."