Kyne's Challenge

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Real author : David S. J. Hodgson (Writter), David Keen (Artist), Brynn Metheney (Artist), Roberto Gomes (Artist)
Comment : This book is a trek across the provinces by a group of Nord hunters in honor of the Sky Goddess Kyne.

By Grundvik Cold-Fist, 2E 581

Kyne's Challenge:

A hunter companion

Part I: Northern Tamriel


A Prayer To Kyne

ear me, goddess of storms, and the bringer of rain,

The Mother of Men and Shor’s Warrior-Wife,
Your Sons and your Daughters implore you again,
Protect those that hunt, for they savor their life.
Your wind at our backs, we seek the faintest of tracks,
Your blessings alone exalt our fury in attacks.
We watch for the Hawk, on the grayest of days,
Your servants and advocates, trained in the Old Ways.


Moon Sugar Press
Dune, Elsweyr