Evaluation of Saint Llothis

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Original media : TES Online

By Alienist Llandras
An asylum caretaker's notes on an insane Temple Saint

Saint Llothis's withdrawal from reality, so much as that word has meaning here, continues unabated down a path of despondent reclusion. In many cases he fails to acknowledge or recognize attempts to communicate. I believe that this behavior is not so much a form of catatonia as the manifestation of a crippling depression, a diagnosis supported by undirected utterances made by Llothis during brief periods of activity.

These episodes have become more frequent and increasingly distraught. It appears that he is lamenting the loss of a deep, spiritual connection. It is impossible for me to say whether this traumatic separation involved the literal severing of any divine bond with the Three, or is simply how Llothis processes the drifting away of his personal relationship with the Tribunal. I will be closely monitoring this growing agitation. I fear the risk of self-harm, or other destructive impulses, is growing more significant.