Curator's List of Sought-After Relics

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Original media : TES Online

By Curator Umutha

The First Charter: Lost somewhere in the western mountains.

Dwarf Light: Legend has it the light was most recently used to explore Nyzchaleft Falls.

Uzdabikh's Helm: Disappeared during the ancient battle of Fharun Pass.

Trinimac House Idol: A tiny, ancient statue used for personal worship, last seen near Paragon's Remembrance.

Guthrag's Mask: Last possessed by the Chief's Eye of Fharun Stronghold.

Frostbreak Chalice: Rumored to have been reclaimed by one of Urfon's underlings and hidden in one of the fortress's towers.

Agra Crun: The blood shield of Malacath's faithful, lost in the wilds of Wrothgar.

Nuzava's Anvil: Owned by the fabled smith who defined the Morkul style, it disappeared on the Icy Shore as Nuzava traveled home.

Thugbo's Map of Clans: Recovered from a destroyed historical text but lost on the road to Orsinium.

Heart of Zandadunoz: A titan's phylactery, lost near Honor's Rest.

Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk: A heavy necklace worn by the Wild Boar, it disappeared from history near what is now known as Honor's Rest.

Horn of Beasts: Broken, its remains probably lie in or near the ruins of Old Orsinium.

Centurion's Signet: Lost near Paragon's Remembrance.

Thukhozod's Bracers: Prized by the necromancer and thought to be hidden in his sanctum.

Liquid Silver: A rare metal once mined from the depths of Argent Mine.

Black Quill: Fabled bardic writing instrument, connected by legend to Coldperch Cavern.

Eye of Zthenganaz: A cursed Dwarven device, lost near the ruins of Rkindaleft.

Hammer of Glass: Carved from a single crystal and lost in the ruins of Old Orsinium.

Scepter of the King-Chief: An Orc relic currently possessed by a lowly but powerful riekr.

Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy: History in the making from an ogre elder.