Boethiah's glory

De La Grande Bibliotheque de Tamriel
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Original media : TES 3 : Morrowind
Comment : Also appears in TES Online, without the embedded image.

By Anonymous

Look upon the face of Boethiah and wonder.
Raise your arms that Boethiah may look on them and bestow a blessing.
Know that battle is a blessing. Know that death is an eventuality.
Know that you are dust in the eyes of Boethiah.

Long is the arm of Boethiah, and swift is the blade.
Deep is the cut, and subtle is the poison.
Worship, o faithful. Pray your death is short.
Worship, o faithful. Pray your death is quiet.
Worship, o faithful. Worship the glory that is Boethiah.

Boethiah 256.jpg
Into battle strides the Daedra Prince, blade at the ready to cleave the unworthy.