Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition/Tatterdemalion

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Developer's text
Real author : Michael Kirkbride, Darya Makarava (Illustration)
Publication date : 2012

The Lunar Province of Secunda: Tatterdemalion

mperial subjugation of the lunar territories began as early Reman the First. His failed conquest of the Underworld (and its terrestrial consequences) ended in the loss of his mid-wife wives, and the only anodyne to his grief was a reckless void-eyed hubris. In 1E2757, he circumvented the bureaucracy of his own throne, including all county courtships and trans-provincial authorities, to make plans to colonize Tamriel’s twin moons. He commissioned the nachronachs of the Immaterial Harmonics Institute of Incongruitech and Extrinsic Travels to begin work on the first genegineered Megalomoth vessel-fortresses, “to reclaim all extramundic holdings and grant lands from the maddening nighttime tatters of Shezzar’s proof of Man’s provenance”.

When Reman’s efforts were finally revealed, there was a large discomfort throughout his sovereignties and even outright dissent in the Elder Council. These iconoclasts feared daedric vexation for unritualized trepass into the Void, and perhaps rightly so. However, this was all quickly dissolved when the Sixteen-Plus Princes of Tumult lent their nymic oaths in their first display of coalition since the Fall of Lyg in the previous kalpa. Conjecture points to some machinations of Nocturnal, who took on her mantle of Ur-Dra of Oblivion, and it was by her primogeniture that Reman was able to pursue his cosmic acquisitions without further censure.

Alas, The Cyrodiil did not live to see the completion of the Megalomoth vessel-fortress, which he wanted to christen as the NVN Manywife with Interest. Ash-bitten knives of the Dunmeri assassin's guild, the Morag Tong, ended him in 1E2762. Its final construction, and its first landing on Secunda, was overseen by his son, Reman II, who renamed it either capriciously (or just more simply), the NVN Accrual. Of that famous planefall, we turn to the records of Bethalamet Grieves, Imperial Mananaut of the New Void Navy: