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By Iirdel

Known Blacksap Sympathizers:
-Rathilmith, tall tree. (Nallion's husband)
-Nallion, tall tree. (Rathilmith's wife)
-Norweras, rarely leaves home.
-Glardel, collector of fine furs.
-Iirond, frequents the inn. Enjoys the drink.
-Galriel, edge of town. Keeps to herself.

Any of the sympathizers should connect you to the remnants. Approach them and speak this week's phrase first:
-"The Falinesti peeper swims at night."

After they respond, check the weather. It should relate to :
-"Cloudless skies scare the peepers away."
-"Rainy skies bring all the peepers out."
-"Sunny skies keep the peepers in their cave."

The sympathizers spend a lot of time under the inn, near that old shrine. I've seen them change the color of the flames. The color will tell you the final response you need:
-"Once yellow, it grew jealous of its neighbors. I hear it stole the red skin."
-"Once green, it broke the Green Pact. Y'ffre's anger turned it red."
-"Once blue, it was forced to eat its own family. Its body is bathed in their blood."