Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition/Foreword

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Developer's text
Real author : [Unknownn], Darya Makarava (Illustration)
Publication date : 2012

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Welcome, Citizen (Zero)!

Here you will find the foundation for your new Temple.

ECMB-MRA: mnemonic daedron-capacitance memospore classification xD15JMo0JfiX
cogitocode: a gnarled tibrol tree against the sunset, overlooking a lake; try to feel melancholy



of a meeting of the Most-Esteemed
forever lieges and loyal servants fraternal of Her Most Honored and Exalted the
Chosen of White-Gold and the Amulet of Kings, Sovereign of the Ruby Throne, Lord of Cyrodiil and her Dominions, etc., etc.,
in the
of the Empire of Men,
transcribed and annotated by an adjunct of His Lordship the
Master of the Hamlet-Across-The-Way, Most-Esteemed Among Equals of the Minor Council, etc., etc.,


We, in this year 331 of the 3rd Era of the Empire Cyrodiilic, on the 28th of Mid-Year, have appeared before the Lord and High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu, representing in voice and authority our Empress Morihatha, hegemon of Cyrod and Cyrod and all its lawful territories under the Ruby Red Throne as established by Tiber Imperator, with the goal of forming an Elder Council consisting of the following persons:

Here we will dream-swell on a very, very long list of councilors with their respective positions and titles, and absentees, and councilors attending via trance, spectral representation, etc., except the following persons (hear-see: now), as they shall already be mentioned in those other estimable lists found now in your pockets save for the naked here assembled, etc., and the as-agreed-upon-in-amulet those members and delegates and strangely-beautiful silk concerns as writ in the council definitions for the legislative year 331.

AND AS the aforementioned Elder Council having been called together by the Lord and High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu via priority dreamsleeve transmission and couriermoth, to take place outside of the regular calendar, though thereby not replacing the scheduled meeting on the 31st of Mid-Year AND UNDER the Corbolo Protocol of 3E 275, this council session is to be treated compliant with the standards of security class "E12 - ad hoc and highly classified" and, thusly, SHALL be held in secret. Access to the session or its transcription must be denied to any citizen with Imperial clearance level smaller than or equal to 23b, as decreed in Subsection 4-B of the Concealment Clause of the Council Accords vis-à-vis the Corbolo Protocol. Does any present Councilor object to the aforementioned procedural enumeration?

*****Elder Councilor Maganifly-Good One, Elder Councilor Ambassador Wood-Worth, and Elder Councilor Delphine IV have already presented their collected votes of “Nay.” What say the others?

Elder Councilor Trails-his-Graves seeks to initiate a vote of “Nay” – let us now be interrupted by an unseen cascade resonance in the echo-stream of his dreamsleeve transmission. Very good.

Elder Councilor Maganifly-Good One, Elder Councilor Ambassador Wood-Worth, and Elder Councilor Delphine IV, along with Our Ceremonial Guard here-now named and/or title Afternoon Nap and an adjunct to Elder Councilor Ambassador Wood-Worth here-now named and/or titled for this time-being, Circumference Comfort, now may proceed to assist Elder Councilor Trails-his-Graves in re-establishing a stable link. Make it happen, people.

Ah, very good. Unfortunately we must laugh now, and in a great volume, DO IT, as Adjunct Circumference Comfort has received injuries amounting to a minor concussion and third-degree burns along his thigh and needs to be escorted out of the Council chambers. Goodbye with you, good sir.

Upon re-establishment of all links, a cloture vote shall be re-instated as per Sub-Protocol 343 of the Laws of Triangulation, wherein all members may present their votes.

There is a unanimous NAY. Good for all of us. Very, very good. The Empress will be and is already pleased yesterday. Our Proceedings May Resume.****

High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"All members of the Imperial Geographic Society that undertook the sacred act of the penmanship of the Second Pocket Guide via Imperial Command (in writing, no less): You are hereby given the right to defend your actions before the Elder Council."

Imperial Geographic Society Editor [NYMIX NOW ZERO'D]:

"If I may, on behalf of -- "

High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"Let it be known that the right to trial was conferred upon the defendants. How does this Council rule?

Elder Council Collective:


High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"The matter of guilt having been settled, how does this Council move to sentence the defendants?"

Elder Council Collective:

"Death, effective immediately."

High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"The Council has ruled. Guards?"

Hatta of The Sphinxmoth Inquiry Tree:

"High Chancellor, ENOUGH! If I may first address to all assembled or in state ad semblio, I would request of the Council the reason that We have overlooked the need for an encoded Verification Return False for the Belharzaharm?"

Lord Jak Candlestick of the Western Wax, the Eastern Wax, the Southern Wax, but Not Yet of the Northern Wax:

"Silence, Hatta! We are already in session. All here know your affinity for the son of the Aleshut (pauses for hymnals thirty and eight) but you have no right to--"

Hatta of The Sphinxmoth Inquiry Tree:

"Acausal Interrupt! I will not allow these proceedings to be compromised by future scrying, nor to allow you to ignore silks uncounted since--"

Ghost Counsel Choir (Blade-Seneschal and above):

"Peli-NULL. Hatta is dead. Move to formation of NU-Hatta post-assembly by his brethren blessed. 331 High Chancellor regains the floor."

High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"Thank you in the utmost of that ideal, Ghost Choir. No doubt, we are all in a moment of woe. Let me mourn for-- all right, I'm done. I shall now invoke the name of the Hasphat and most likely we will get sidetracked by talk of the Rim."

High Chancellor Arboretumest-Best Ud-Maniphas Segu:

"HOLD! THE! CENTER! I have just been informed that Her Majesty has arrived in our heads. There we go! Ponder her! Now... where were we?"
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