Agents and Reagents

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Real author : David S. J. Hodgson (Writter), Brynn Metheney (Artist)
Comment : This book is the journal of a wizard's apprentice, focusing on alchemical studies.

By Gargrell Sorick, 2E 578


Property of
Gargrell Sorick
Second apprentice to Defessus Lector

Wayrest, High Rock


Self-portrait of the author (me)

Agents and Reagents:

The Bounty of


Notes on Alchemical
and Enchanting Ingredients
By Gargrell Sorick

Second apprentice to Defessus Lector

 The Ingredients for Knowledge
  1. Rodent Parts
  2. Wild Fungus
  3. Wildflowers
  4. Unpolished Gems
  5. Unrefined Ore
  6. Amorphous Extrusions
  7. Beast Parts
  8. Chitinous Plates
  9. Daedric Husks
  10. Dwemer Elements
  11. Fire Elements
  12. Frost Elements
  13. Ghostly Remains
  14. Giant's Parts
  15. Insect Parts
  16. Lizard Parts
  17. Intelligent Plant Cuttings
  18. Skeletal Remains
  19. Storm Elements
  20. Undead Parts & Residue
  21. Mort Flesh
  22. Daedric Deposits
  23. Critter Parts
  24. Snake Parts