A werewolf hunter's advice

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By Anonymous

Son, If you want to go to Hircine's Haunt, I can't stop you. But take my advice—werewolves never hunt alone. If you confront a lone werewolf, do not make the mistake of engaging it by yourself. The individual is never far from the pack, and the pack is always hungry.

Werewolves, for all their bloodlust and brute strength, are crafty creatures. Their howl can not only summon other werewolves, but also calls forth regular wolves. In some rare cases, the howl can even call bears into the fray. It is incredibly easy to be outnumbered by a lone werewolf.

The best advice this seasoned werewolf hunter can give you is this. Cut the beast's throat before it can howl and call others to its side.

Yours in love,